Friday, December 10, 2010

This is a friend of mine that is starting Veterans Expeditions

If you can spare a few minutes please read this article and watch the teaser video for Veterans Expeditions. Keep in mind these guys are in Boulder, CO. and are gaining huge support for the local community. New Boulder group aims to ground veterans through climbing, biking, hiking - Boulder Daily Camera
We here at Earth Hearth support Stacy Bare and Nick Watson.

Convert your Honda Accord to run on trash

Sound impossible?

Did you know that over one million vehicles in Europe ran onboard gasifiers during WWII to make fuel from wood and charcoal, as gasoline and diesel were rationed or otherwise unavailable? Long before there was biodiesel and ethanol, we actually succeeded in a large-scale, alternative fuels redeployment-- and one which curiously used only cellulosic biomass, not the oil and sugar based biofuel sources which famously compete with food.

This redeployment was made possible by the gasification of waste biomass, using simple gasifiers about as complex as a traditional wood stove. These small-scale gasifiers are easily reproduced (and improved) today by DIY enthusiasts using simple hammer and wrench technology.

What an awesome project , I would love for my son to be driving a gasified Honda when he turns 16. Maybe we will just have to build one of these together.

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Google's new notebook running OS

Easy to apply and who knows maybe you will be lucky enough to get one, heres hoping I do! Features - Chrome OS

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changing destructive behaviors and perceptions? Now is the time...

Getting people to change their behavior is hard, but it can be done. 

The first thing required is recognition that there’s a problem.

In this case, the problem is our addiction to the consumption of more and more stuff as an end in itself, which directly fuels our ongoing dependence on fossil fuels, which in turn is slowly destroying our planet. 

Perhaps there’s a growing recognition that this is a problem. But recognition, though necessary, is not sufficient. Another thing needed is leadership. Somebody has to set the example for others to follow. In that case, why not use high-profile people who we're already looking at?

Our politicians are required (at least, in mature democracies) to publicly disclose their personal finances. So, why don’t we get them to disclose their energy footprint at home as well? This would give them an incentive to reduce their consumption (so as to look good in the eyes of the public) and would provide a powerful example for us all to follow.

A radical suggestion? 

Maybe, we should recognize that we need radical ideas and actions now, more than ever.  We need real change not just talk of change.  Earth Hearth Inc. is not just talk of change, we are invoking change.  We are proud to be involved in Social Enterprising and Environmental impact, changing one consumer and behavior at a time.  Thanks again for following Earth Hearth Inc. follow us on Twitter at greencollarheat.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Khosla Ventures offers venture assistance, strategic advice and capital to entrepreneurs.

As an new Entrepreneur I was intrigued by Mr. Khosla saying "experts haveabout the 
same accuracy of dart-throwing monkeys," he is absolutely right. 

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Vinod Khosla on innovation vs. punditry

The founder of Khosla Ventures discusses how true innovation is unpredictable

At Tuesday afternoon's Web 2.0 Summit in San
 Francisco, Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures, took the stage to discuss the difference
 between innovation and punditry.  He started off by mentioning a 1986 study that
 forecasted that by the year 2000, there would be just under one million cell phones.  They 
were off by 10,000%.  There were 109 milllion cell phones in the year 2000.  AT&T spent
 $1 million and then ended up scrapping its whole cell phone business based on this forecast.
 Why?  Because the 1980 "mobile phone" was the size of a cinder block. 
He then moved on to a Berkeley study that followed 80,000 forecasts over the course of 20 
years and found that "experts have about the same accuracy of dart-throwing monkeys,
said Khosla.  "You don't do unreasonable things by being reasonable."
Twitter, for example, did not exist five years ago, Khosla added.  Which pundit could have 
predicted that a 140 character tweet would ever take off the way it did, or that a series 
of 140-character tweets could outline the whole culture and character of a city, like San 
Francisco when the Giants won the World Series?
Things like Twitter are created by innovators, not pundits.
"In every generation, you've seen radical shifts...Almost certainly, the next big thing won't
 come from Google, Facebook, or Twitter."  To drive his home point, Khosla pointed out 
the fact that in the 1980s, no one thought there would be a PC in every home, and in the 
early 90s, no one could have predicted that email would've taken off.  Even more shocking,
 the iPhone didn't exist before 2007.  "Now, it is conventional wisdom," said Khosla.
"Change does happen, which is good news for all of us...The most interesting thing is 
the explosion yet to come.  That's where almost none of the forecasts you read about...
are likely to be true."  Almost certainly, all of the companies will be at least as, if not
 more, surprising than Twitter, proclaimed Khosla.
The most important thing to bear in mind, said Khosla, is that you will fail, but your 
willingness to fail gives you the freedom to succeed.  "The difference between 
delusional and visionary thinking is largely retrospective...Stop looking at the pundits,
 stop reading the research reports.  None of that is relevant to true innovation," he
 added before signing off.
For Khosla's view on vision, be sure to watch his speech, "Vision is bumbling around."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Create Lasting Jobs and Tax Revenues Addressing the Beetle Kill Epidemic As Economic Stimulus

So as I continue to research and address my own "two cents" worth of thought on answering a question that was posed to me a week ago.  "What would you suggest to remedy the Beetle Kill epidemic?" 

I spent hours reading the bills that are being presented and here is some of the verbiage that I extracted for the "Beetle bill" here in Colorado.   Please take note that some of the considerations are right down Earth Hearth's alley; Hydronic, Gasification, Biomass and pellets or fire-log to name a few. 

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Executive Summary
Consider addressing beetle kill epidemic as part of infrastructure stimulus dollars.
Harvest decimated Colorado forests and make those materials available businesses in order to:
Restore a Lost Colorado Industry·      
Bring Colorado Saw Mills back to the region·    
Induce the creation of products which would have the beetle kill trees as their raw material.· 
Create alternative forms of energy
o   Biomass heating
o   Ethanol
o   Heating pellets·       
 Stimulate the creation of products which will be sold in a receptive marketplace for years after the stimulus dollars have ended.·     
   Create a home building methodology (affordable log homes) that would bring affordable housing to those who need it.
Create Jobs·  
      Businesses that spring up will stay in business after stimulus dollars end.·    
      Jobs will remain in the region long after the stimulus dollars end.
Create Tax Revenues·        
More businesses mean more business taxes·     
   More employees mean increased tax base for local municipalities
Protect Existing Utility Infrastructure;   
o   Power lines
o   Transfer stations·      
o   Telephone
o   Cable
o   Internet access·  
o   Threatened watersheds through 5 states
     Protect Property
o   Fire prevention
o   Fuel mitigation
o   Wildfire mitigation
Mitigate Pending disaster·    
    Loss of 2 million acres of usable timber·
        Release of carbon gases into the atmosphere· 
       Destruction of the Denver (and more) watershed· 
       loss of power to critical state wide power grid· 
       Loss of life due to fire and falling trees·  
      Loss of wildlife habitat·    
    Reduced recreation experiences due to wildfire on the White River National Forest, the USA's most visited forest·      
  Loss of jobs due to declined economy as that relates to the beauty of the mountain environment and tourismPrevent Massive Firefighting Spending Over 5-10 Years·  
      Fires fighting and suppression efforts are far more expensive than harvesting and far less beneficial.·        Billions of dollars to be saved by spending now vs. later.

Friday, November 12, 2010

How to set my thermostat at home and save the most?

As winter descends, you are likely bracing for your first heating bill and have glanced at your home’s thermostat and wondered how big of enemy it will be this winter. It doesn’t need to be an adversarial relationship, in fact, there are some pretty common misconceptions that can be debunked.

Myth: It costs as much or more to heat a home back up after a setback.
Fact: The longer your house remains at the lower temperature, the more heat you save. In fact you can save 1% for every 1°F temperature decrease for an eight-hour setback. 

Myth: The house will warm up faster the higher the thermostat is raised.
Fact: The thermostat isn’t like the gas pedal on a car. It’s either calling for heat or not, so setting the thermostat too high may cause you to overshoot the desired temperature.

Myth: The kids will kick off the covers and get cold.
Fact: Children older than a month or two can regulate their body temperature just like adults, so they don’t need a different temperature than adults. If they kick off the covers, dress them a bit warmer prior to putting them to bed.

So what should you set your thermostat to? Polling a number of energy company websites, the consensus is 68°F (or the temperature your health care professional recommends) during times when you are present and active. When you go to sleep, set the thermostat at the lowest comfortable setting.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Virtually endless fuel sources laying in wait...

We are spending a few days in the area of Winter Park and Fraser, Colorado.  We are surrounded by Rocky mountain National Park and the Continental divide.  It is truly humbling to bear witness to the vast amount of beetle killed trees that are being destroyed by the millions.  Yes there are many pellet fuel operations and the roads are full of tractors moving the higher quality trees but the amount that lay on the ground are beautiful trees that are simply rotting away.

This makes me believe and realize that there must be a better way, biomass fuel. These sick, dead and dying trees are so many that the Forest service in some cases is burning on the spot, what can we do to harness this fuel source and put it to good use right here in our local communities?

Earth Hearth Inc. is dedicated to conducting research and finding more cost effective ways to move these trees to Denver, Boulder and other cites throughout the front range that would benefit from the uses of Biomass fuels, like our Earth Hearth wood burning water furnace.  Stay in touch or follow us for release dates of these amazing units that produces all of your home heating needs to include all of you domestic hot water!


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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Looks like we didn't escape winter after all!

With winter finally here in Colorado and energy prices still soaring wouldn't be nice to claim your own energy independence?  Here at Earth Hearth Inc. we are aggressively working to supply you with just that.  We are a conceptual and innovative team that understands and believes that we have the ability to change one community at time.

If you want to know more about Earth Hearth Inc. stay in touch with as the journey begins.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tube benders and new welders oh my!

Who would have thought things for Earth Hearth Inc would be moving so fast, with our engineering program up and running and prototyping around the corner, things are really staring to "heat-up" around here!

More to follow....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Earth Hearth Inc. making big and bold moves towards changing the way consumers think about heating homes.

We here at Earth Hearth Inc. are making use of environmentally friendly Hydronic water heating systems to provide home owners with heating and domestic hot water solutions at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.

Stay in touch for more exciting news and release dates from earth Hearth Inc.

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