Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Create Lasting Jobs and Tax Revenues Addressing the Beetle Kill Epidemic As Economic Stimulus

So as I continue to research and address my own "two cents" worth of thought on answering a question that was posed to me a week ago.  "What would you suggest to remedy the Beetle Kill epidemic?" 

I spent hours reading the bills that are being presented and here is some of the verbiage that I extracted for the "Beetle bill" here in Colorado.   Please take note that some of the considerations are right down Earth Hearth's alley; Hydronic, Gasification, Biomass and pellets or fire-log to name a few. 

Thanks again for following us, if you have questions please sent them to brady@earthhearthinc.com or simply post them here on the blog.

Executive Summary
Consider addressing beetle kill epidemic as part of infrastructure stimulus dollars.
Harvest decimated Colorado forests and make those materials available businesses in order to:
Restore a Lost Colorado Industry·      
Bring Colorado Saw Mills back to the region·    
Induce the creation of products which would have the beetle kill trees as their raw material.· 
Create alternative forms of energy
o   Biomass heating
o   Ethanol
o   Heating pellets·       
 Stimulate the creation of products which will be sold in a receptive marketplace for years after the stimulus dollars have ended.·     
   Create a home building methodology (affordable log homes) that would bring affordable housing to those who need it.
Create Jobs·  
      Businesses that spring up will stay in business after stimulus dollars end.·    
      Jobs will remain in the region long after the stimulus dollars end.
Create Tax Revenues·        
More businesses mean more business taxes·     
   More employees mean increased tax base for local municipalities
Protect Existing Utility Infrastructure;   
o   Power lines
o   Transfer stations·      
o   Telephone
o   Cable
o   Internet access·  
o   Threatened watersheds through 5 states
     Protect Property
o   Fire prevention
o   Fuel mitigation
o   Wildfire mitigation
Mitigate Pending disaster·    
    Loss of 2 million acres of usable timber·
        Release of carbon gases into the atmosphere· 
       Destruction of the Denver (and more) watershed· 
       loss of power to critical state wide power grid· 
       Loss of life due to fire and falling trees·  
      Loss of wildlife habitat·    
    Reduced recreation experiences due to wildfire on the White River National Forest, the USA's most visited forest·      
  Loss of jobs due to declined economy as that relates to the beauty of the mountain environment and tourismPrevent Massive Firefighting Spending Over 5-10 Years·  
      Fires fighting and suppression efforts are far more expensive than harvesting and far less beneficial.·        Billions of dollars to be saved by spending now vs. later.

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