Thursday, November 11, 2010

Virtually endless fuel sources laying in wait...

We are spending a few days in the area of Winter Park and Fraser, Colorado.  We are surrounded by Rocky mountain National Park and the Continental divide.  It is truly humbling to bear witness to the vast amount of beetle killed trees that are being destroyed by the millions.  Yes there are many pellet fuel operations and the roads are full of tractors moving the higher quality trees but the amount that lay on the ground are beautiful trees that are simply rotting away.

This makes me believe and realize that there must be a better way, biomass fuel. These sick, dead and dying trees are so many that the Forest service in some cases is burning on the spot, what can we do to harness this fuel source and put it to good use right here in our local communities?

Earth Hearth Inc. is dedicated to conducting research and finding more cost effective ways to move these trees to Denver, Boulder and other cites throughout the front range that would benefit from the uses of Biomass fuels, like our Earth Hearth wood burning water furnace.  Stay in touch or follow us for release dates of these amazing units that produces all of your home heating needs to include all of you domestic hot water!


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